Hydra’s Features

Hydra currently touts over 15 features specially crafted to bring your players the best experience possible. From accounts to our broadcast system, our feature set is constantly growing and improving.



Create achievements on the fly based on any stat you’re tracking in Hydra. We’ll take care of the book-keeping and send a notification to your game when an achievement is reached.

  • Achievements awarded automatically at thresholds for any profile stat
  • Grant points or XP rewards with any achievement
  • Manage achievement images and metadata from Hydra dashboard

Player Stats

Player data is the core of any online experience. Not only does it provide you with great data for online player pages and business intelligence, but it powers almost every other feature in Hydra.

  • Lifetime per-player storage for any and all stats in your game
  • Profile updates are immediately reflected in leaderboards, matchmaking, and other Hydra features
  • Use profile system as a persistence layer for your own features

Global Accounts

Link all of your Hydra games under one community with our global account system! It tracks all of your users’ cross-game information (such as username and avatar), and allows sign-in using third-party authentication systems, such as Facebook, Google, Windows Live ID, and Steam.

  • Your players’ friend networks span across all your games running on Hydra
  • Leaderboards show players how they stack up against friends
  • See when friends are online using Hydra’s presence system


Your players want to know how they stack up: with Hydra, you can tell them exactly. Create as many leaderboards as you need, on any profile stat. Hydra handles the sorting and provides an endpoint for your game to retrieve your leaderboard rankings.

  • Create leaderboards for any player profile stat
  • Optional daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly expiration
  • Updates happen in real time with profile changes


Our match service allows you to quickly configure and integrate asynchronous and realtime multiplayer matches. It is fully integrated with our profiles, notifications, matchmaking, and friends services for full-featured multiplayer games out of the box.

  • Build an asynchronous multiplayer game like chess or Words with Friends
  • Power fast-paced, realtime games such as Call of Duty
  • Keep track of match-specific data, such as team wins or map type


From free-for-all matchups to tightly controlled pairings, Hydra supports any matchmaking style you can think up. You can specify as many or as few matchup criteria as you like, to offer your players the exact multiplayer experience they’re looking for.

  • Set up unlimited match scenarios based on any profile stat or combination
  • Players can submit matchmaking preferences from your game’s UI
  • Fixed-team matchups or open, come-and-go play supported

Player Matching

Enable multiplayer for your game without requiring both players to be online with our player matching. With some simple configuration, you can match players against other users based on data within their profiles, and pit them against each other a la “Clash of Clans”.

  • Match players up with similar or complementary opponents
  • Combine any profile criteria or player-submitted matchup preferences
  • Great for quick one-step matchmaking for head-to-head games


Build social relationships between your players using our friends system. This toolset can empower your users to chat, matchmake and play with the gamers that are in their social network.

  • Your players’ friend networks span across all your games running on Hydra
  • Leaderboards show players how they stack up against friends
  • See when friends are online using Hydra’s presence system


Our notifications tie directly into our match service, allowing players to be notified in realtime, or through native push notifications of event-related updates. Hydra allows developers to configure push notifications and display text through the dashboard.

  • Prompt players of turn-based games to make their moves
  • Send out quests or pass along player-to-player challenges
  • Hydra handles cross-platform differences in sending notifications

User-Generated Content

Your users are always generating content when they’re playing your game, whether it’s data, game saves, screenshots or videos. Our UGC service allows you to capture and share that data between users, on websites, in mobile apps, and on social networks.

  • Upload multiple types of data for any users
  • Enhanced ACLs to manage how your users share their content
  • Leaderboards that allow you to rate and rank your UGC items


When you use Hydra to keep your game fresh with new achievements, matchmaking scenarios, and more, make sure to let your players know about it, using Hydra’s broadcast channel system.

  • Schedule start time and duration for messages as far in advance as desired
  • Unlimited separate channels available for different types of messages
  • Use message metadata to power in-game features such as time-based challenges

Lobby Chat

Allow your users to chat via IRC-style chat rooms. These chat rooms can be created by developers, or can be configured to be created by users.

  • All chat rooms can be configured and managed from the dashboard
  • Setup templates that can be re-used by users

Configuration Management

Since a majority of our features are server-side, developers can edit game configuration and settings well after the release of the game...without needing an update or patch.

  • Create new achievements, leaderboards, match types and more from our dashboard
  • Create any number of environments to keep your game data separate
  • Add new contributors to your project at any time

Account Viewing and Management

Keep track of all of your gamers through our dashboard.

  • View all stored game data for your users
  • View all matches and user-generated content
  • Manage accounts by clearing the data, kicking and banning them

API Access Control

In today's industry, you're going to want to allow multiple types of clients to access your game, whether its a companion app or an entirely separate console. Our API management allows you to provide separate access points for each of the clients.

  • Add new API keys at any time during or after the game's release
  • Create client- or server-based API keys to control the amount of access your want your client to have.
  • Delete an API key to revoke the access to intrusive and abusive clients