Hydra Platforms; Apple, Playstation, XBox, Unity, Android, Nintendo Wii, Steam and Windows

Powering all your platforms, devices, and networks with one backend

Hydra is a cloud based gaming backend that allows developers to quickly add online features to their games on almost any platform. It frees developers from the hassle of managing online servers so they can focus on making great games.


Designed from the ground up to minimize integration time, support all game types and scale dynamically

  • Proven technology designed to handle billions of transactions
  • Engineered to support everything from data storage to fully‐featured real-time multiplayer
  • We provide SDKs for every major platform
  • Features developed with server‐side configuration for post‐release updates and changes
  • Integrates authorization and push‐notifications with many of the major 1st parties
  • Support for global, multi-datacenter deployment of real-time services

Available today:

  • C# SDK (Unity [PC, Mac, Web Player, iOS, Android], raw C#)
  • C++ SDK (Xbox One, PS4, Steam, Windows 8, iOS, raw C++)
  • Java SDK (Android)
Over 10x growth

Features for Every Game

Our broad feature set was built to support any game type, from puzzle games, to first-person shooters, to role-playing games.

  • Over fifteen current features, with new ones being regularly
  • Supports every major platform from PC to next-gen
  • Pick and choose your feature set based on your preferences
  • Feature customization available!
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